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  • Tackle the causes of serious violence in Merseyside
  • Reduce serious violence in Merseyside and particularly youth violence in public spaces
  • Identify suitable responses to prevent violence before it becomes a part of someone’s life
  • Provide opportunities for young people to fulfil their life chances away from the impact of violence and crime
  • Ensure our response is bespoke to the challenges in each area of the county


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Community is at the heart of the VRP: Serious violence cannot be addressed if we do not work with communities. The VRP will ensure its work is underpinned by the voice of young people and communities across Merseyside.

Coordination and maximisation of resources: There are examples of cutting edge work to tackle serious violence across Merseyside. The VRP can support this work by coordinating activity, reducing duplication, sharing good practice and helping to integrate practice across a range of partners.

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Communication: Messages about knife crime and serious violence shape people’s fear of crime and their subsequent behaviour. The VRP will influence the story that is presented to our children, young people, families and communities. Communication between partners is also key to the success of the VRP, and the team and Steering Group will develop ways to maximise its effectiveness.

Trauma informed approach: Significant investment has already begun in this area through workforce development and we will ensure this underpins all services, recognising how people’s adverse childhood experiences have shaped their life and can lead to problems which can be focused inwardly (anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts) or outwardly (offending, aggression, impulsivity). This has significant implications for how to work and intervene with young people and their families.

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