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We believe that all communities across Merseyside have the right to be free from violence in order to provide the best life chances for all.

Medics Against Violence


Youth workers in hospitals

Formerly called ‘navigators’, the youth workers deployed in the Accident and Emergency department at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital explore the opportunity to support victims, and in some cases perpetrators, of violence to evaluate the success of long-term intervention work.

The youth workers will also have the skills and knowledge to connect the young person to support agencies, to source guidance in improving their health, wellbeing and their resilience. The project aims to give young people opportunities to develop and get involved in new activities and ultimately improving their options in life while also increasing their safety. If successful, it has the ambition to roll out the model across other Accident and Emergency departments in Merseyside.

The list reflects the main priorities of work for the financial year.

  • We will extend the proof of concept phase until June 2020 (minimum).
  • Local delivery model will be informed by:
    • Insight, evaluation,  problem profile and  AED Staff 
  • Commissioner and Provider workshop
    • Sharing proof of concept findings.
    • Revisit the potential to amend current contracts/SLAs/KPIs.
    • Will agree local service delivery model.
  • Phased implementation
    • Identifying hot spots in Merseyside.
    • Governance and hosting arrangements.
    • Monitoring of quality and outcomes.
    • Ownership of contracts.
  • Sustainability
    • Long term funding
    • Health commissioning plans
    • Avoidance of duplication

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