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Reducing Reoffending


Merseyside VRP supports the critical need to pay attention to young people who incline towards reoffending. So by working with our VRP partners, we aim to find ways of identifying the reasons why – and how – to reduce patterns of offending.

The list below provides an overview of our work in the area.

  • Identification and purpose.
  • We’ll establish and implement a sustainable model to reduce violence offending with a focus on service users who are subject to licence or community sentences.
  • We’ll raise awareness among Probation operational managers to ensure participation.

Supporting service partners to help them to build on the work they provide.

  • We will work to encourage positive voluntary engagement from service users.
  • Key areas will include families; substance misuse; accommodation; finance; mentoring; mental health.

Performance Framework

We regularly evaluate the impact of interventions to better understand the successes and features we need to learn from in the following areas:

  • Re-offending
  • Risk management
  • Pathways progress
  • Pre and post interviews


  • To ensure longevity, we aim to establish greater partnership working between the Youth Offending Service and Probation services.
  • All specific VRP funded initiatives aim to develop working practices with the view to becoming part of a natural transition into core Probation and Youth Offending business.
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