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We believe that all communities across Merseyside have the right to be free from violence in order to provide the best life chances for all.



Latest Universal Initiatives

Using a public health approach, we are keen to promote educational activities that provide maximum benefit for the largest number of people across Merseyside.  Examples of our current universal activities include:

  • ‘Grassing or Grooming’ resources and training for our primary teachers provided by Ariel Trust – helping children identify and resist grooming associated with gangs and violent crime
  • ‘Mentors in Violence Prevention’ for our secondary school population provided by Merseyside Youth Association – a peer to peer leadership programme addressing serious violence themes. Schools can also view a new animation on the scheme, by visiting
  • School presentations on child criminal exploitation and arson provided by Safer School Officers
  • ‘Peer on Peer sexual abuse awareness training’ for our college students provided by Afta Thought
  • Teacher training on Exploring Misogyny and Sexual harassment provided by School Improvement Liverpool

Targeted Initiatives on Trial

We are also always trialling targeted activities to support vulnerable people by tackling risk factors.

  • A solution-focussed mentoring programme for primary aged children provided by Action for Children (Liverpool)
  • A six-week alternative education course (the Beacon Project) for nine – 11-year-olds provided by Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (pan-Merseyside). For a September 2022 evaluation of the Beacon Project, please visit this link
  • Delivery of facilitated awareness-raising sessions and 1:1 support for secondary pupils provided by St Giles Trust as part of their SOS+ project (St Helens)
  • Delivery of a trauma-informed restorative life skills project provided by Magistra for our Pupil Referral Unit pupils (Knowsley)


We have an ever-growing library of resources to support schools, organisations, and young people:

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