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Know What’s Out There: Introducing VRP’s ‘Destinations Directory’ for the 16+ Sector

Merseyside’s Violence Reduction Partnership has launched its ‘Destinations Directory’: a resource to assist anyone in Merseyside who has an interest in supporting young people aged 16+ to achieve their potential. The directory highlights a range of opportunities in education, training, and employment, as well as general enablers. In the near future, the directory will also include a range of housing providers who understand the challenges young people face in trying to secure somewhere stable to live.

It is simple to access and handy filters make searching for specific sector areas easy to use.

“The VRP’s Destination Directory was produced to highlight some of the opportunities open to 16-25 year olds on Merseyside. It will also help anyone who works with this group of young men and women to better understand what’s out there in education, training and work opportunities. We hope it will encourage more young people to make positive decisions about next steps rather than pursuing more destructive paths such as crime,” said Peter Owen, co-lead of Pathways & Interventions and the VRP’s Merseyside Fire & Rescue lead.

“This new directory helps the VRP to deliver on its remit to reduce serious violence in Merseyside by empowering more young people to take up one of the many positive opportunities that’s been created for them. Rather than allow our young people to take the wrong turn in life and later regret it, we want organisations, parents and caregivers to endorse and signpost the right route to build a happy and safe life for the future,” said the head of the Merseyside VRP, Superintendent Mark Wiggins.   

While the Destinations Directory is comprehensive it isn’t exhaustive, so if you are a provider and would like to be included, please get in touch with the VRP through its website or social media. (Entries on the list do not necessarily reflect an endorsement.)

See the Destinations Directory here.

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