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DWP Will Use VRP's 'Destination Directory' to Help Identify Training and Employment Opportunities for Young People


Merseyside’s Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP) is delighted that Department for Work and Pensions (DWP, Merseyside and Halton) will begin to use their 'Destinations Directory’ as a resource to help young people aged 16+ to identify employment, education and training opportunities across the county. There is also a housing section to signpost organisations able to help young people.

Every job centre will now use the directory during meetings and interviews with their 16-25 year old clients to highlight some of the opportunities open to them – and connect them to housing organisations best positioned to help them. The housing section can be filtered by borough.

“The Destinations Directory created by Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership is a fantastic resource to help organisations signpost young people to the wide range of support that is available.  We are committed to working with the partnership to develop and promote the tool and hope it will make it easier for young people to understand what opportunities are out there for them,” said Nicky O’Connor, Senior Leader DWP Merseyside and Halton District.

Peter Owen, co-lead of Pathways and Interventions and the VRP’s Merseyside Fire & Rescue lead said: “We hope that our directory will help to encourage young people to make positive life decisions rather than pursue more destructive, even criminal, paths. We also want to highlight other enablers, such as those housing organisations best equipped to help young people find housing or accommodation, which can be a significant challenge but provides a vital component in creating a strong start in life.

“Given the extra pressures and challenges arising from Covid-19, we also hope the directory will support young people struggling to find opportunities to get then up and running after leaving school or college.”

“I am absolutely delighted that DWP has decided to use our Destinations Directory as a resource for job centre teams,” said the head of Merseyside’s VRP, Detective Superintendent Andy Ryan. “I am also proud of the VRP team and our website designers behind its content and design – they have made it very easy to use and continue to develop its content.”   

“This sort of resource serves to support those young people who might need extra support at a point in their lives when decision-making can be influenced by a range of variables including poverty and peer pressure, which can prompt a wrong turn. We hope that all sorts of organisations, parents and caregivers will find our directory useful as they help young people to forge a strong, happy and positive life,” said the head of the Merseyside VRP, Detective Superintendent Andy Ryan.   

While the Destinations Directory is comprehensive it isn’t exhaustive, so potential providers who might like to be included can get in touch with the VRP through its website or social media.


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