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NEWS: In 60 Seconds- Meet Margaret Adams from Magistra Talking About the ‘Lifeboat Programme’


The Lifeboat Programme, an 8-session interactive group work project, which was funded by the VRP, uses the concept of a boat journey to prompt its participants to think about their behaviour. Magistra works with former offenders and draws on restorative practice, social learning and cognitive behavioural theories to explore the sorts of attitudes, values, and beliefs that have an impact on behaviour and wellbeing. The lifeboat trip is full of challenges but also support to enable participants to practise key life skills by creating their own fictional community when they’re washed up on an island. To date, all Lifeboat programmes have 100% completion and 100% of participants recommending it to others.

Watch the 60 second video here

Find out more about Magistra on their website,

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