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Announced: Successful bids to receive funding from Merseyside VRP

Announced: Successful bids to receive funding from Merseyside VRP


News release: Jun 2020


Merseyside VRP is pleased to announce that the following organisations have been successful in their recent tenders for funding.

  1. Prisoner Families Assessment and Support Services (POPS); Partners of Prisoners - Community Based Family Support Service

As a charity founded on user experience, POPS  has over  32 years’ experience of providing  a range of support services to prisoners, their children and families. POPS’ service delivery model has evolved over the years, incorporating experiential learning of what works and desistance research. It evidences that prisoners’ family or significant other can, if supported, act as an influential and critical factor for change in a prisoner’s rehabilitation and their re-integration into the community upon release.


Specifically, the proposal seeks to employ a peripatetic Family Support Worker (FSW) to work alongside NPS/CRC teams in Liverpool, Wirral, Knowsley, and St Helens and Sefton. The role is designed to be the link between the offender, their family and existing services in their local communities. The model is also designed to be a wraparound service to complement and inform NPS & CRC offender management process by providing quality and timely information around the offenders’ family circumstances which may impact on the rehabilitation process. 


  1. Support Services for Young Offenders (Prison Programmes); Magistra Civitas - Lifeboat Programme.

Magistra Civitas CiC will deliver four LIFEBOAT programmes over a 12-month period with up to 60 people in the final 12 weeks of their prison sentence at a north-west prison, and due to resettle in the Merseyside area following release from custody. The Lifeboat Programme is an 8-session trauma-informed group work intervention focusing on attitudes and community identity. The intervention takes participants on a journey of discovery, examining how attitudes are formed and their impact on behaviour toward others.

The Lifeboat programme introduces restorative practice and its links to improving life skills including problem-solving, decision-making and communication skills; empathy building; personal responsibility, conflict management and repairing harm. Lifeboat explores how participants connect with their community environment and how to build their social capital to assist them to desist from future offending.

  1. Delivery of ‘Mentors in Violence Prevention’ Programme in Schools; Merseyside Youth Association (MYA) Raise Team, Mental Health Promotion Project.

MYA will deliver a ‘Mentors in Violence Prevention Programme’ that will incorporate the five core components of MVP: explore violence through a gendered lens; developing leadership; adopting a bystander approach; recognising the scope of violent behaviour and challenge victim blaming.

Supporting schools to have a ‘whole school’ approach to early intervention and prevention of bullying, harassment and risky behaviours, empowers pupils to identify and communicate concerns with peers and school staff alike.


  1. Mentors Supporting Young People at Risk of Permanent Exclusion; Merseyside Youth Association Ltd - TIME Project (Trauma Informed Mentoring in Education).

MYA will employ two trauma-informed mentors to deliver a holistic needs-led mentoring programme to 40 11-16 year olds, across eight identified schools in Merseyside. Holistic refers to: social, emotional and physical needs. Each mentor will have a caseload of 20, and will work intensively with them over two terms.

MYA will work with schools to identify pupils within the target population, and offer introductory engagement sessions to recruit them onto the programme. Mentoring can be offered in school time or outside, in agreement with the educational establishment and mentee. MYA will use school and/or community venues to deliver the programme.

They will use their knowledge and experience of working with Merseyside schools and knowledge of ACEs and trauma-informed practice to tailor the programme and ensure it responds to the needs of its participants.

  1. Violence Reduction Partnership (Academic Evaluation); Liverpool John Moores University

Dr Quigg, Head of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Violence Prevention at LJMU, will oversee the delivery of six distinct work packages and lead a multi-disciplinary evaluation team with expertise in public health, psychology, criminology and policing.

Organised under the auspices of the Merseyside Academics’ Violence Prevention Partnership (MAVPP), the project team – drawn uniquely from public health and criminal justice research – is a pan-Merseyside collaboration with representation from each of the regions’ four universities.

A whole system approach to evaluation, using a mixed methods approach will be used to fulfil the evaluation aim and objectives. This will include collation and analysis of secondary data (e.g. on violence and related outcomes / risk and protective factors); surveys with VRP partners, intervention implementers and recipients (including young people); and consultation with communities and people working in the intervention areas. Each evaluation objective will be explored independently, with consideration of the full evaluation, and findings triangulated where relevant. The evaluation will result in a range of publications and presentations sharing evaluation findings, and tools to support the sustainable implementation of the VRP work programme evaluation post 2020/21.


If you are interested in tendering in the future, please continue to look at the process on the ‘Bluelight’ procurement portal where the contract description and application forms are located:

The information provides both buyers and suppliers with a secure, cost-effective and easy-to-use eTendering solution for the advertisement of new tender opportunities, online quotation and tenders. It also secures an auditable message function to ensure a consistent and non-discriminatory competitive process, which is really efficient and easy to manage.

Most UK police forces and many fire and rescue services publish and manage their quotations and tenders on this e-Tendering portal.

For more information, please contact Inspector Ian Noble on:

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