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Meet the Team- Ian Noble


My name is Ian Noble, and I am the Deputy Lead for the MVRP, having been seconded from Merseyside Police since its inception in 2019. I’m an Inspector, and I’ve worked with the Force for 26 years. I’m particularly experienced in partnership working and offender management.

My main responsibility lies with our interventions management. I oversee each funded strand to ensure MVRP receives best value from our partners in terms of aims, objectives and financial costing. I also oversee our overall evaluation. Our budget runs at £3.37m, so it keeps me busy! The role also ensures that the MVRP integrates a public health approach to reducing serious violence – and whenever possible, through long-term, sustainable solutions.

Inevitably, the delivery of projects has experienced challenges in the last 10 months given the complexities of COVID and its subsequent restrictions and enforced lockdowns. However, MVRP has been quick to adapt. This has helped to enhance partners’ agility, which has seen incredible shifts and problem-solving in the way they deliver their projects, prompting increased activity on – and investment into – online platforms, for instance.

‘Electric Islands’ is an excellent example. Developed in Wirral, it’s a unique activity-based computer game with a therapeutic format, which we proudly funded. Positive feedback highlighted the way in which young people responded to the game’s format, observing that the game did not feel like the sort of ‘therapy’ they would expect. As a result, the team has not experienced any disengagement from the programme at all.

As projects lead, my role involves monitoring changes in the external environment to ensure we stay on-track, but the last 10 months have prompted a more watchful eye given the knock-on effects of COVID. I’m also the point of contact for both external partners and the MVRP’s project leads, providing advice, guidance and networking introductions. Underpinning my role is the need to balance the needs of the Home Office, (which provides our funding), to ensure the MVRP can deliver on the challenging goals of reducing violence in Merseyside and our need to integrate a public health approach.

As the MVRP reaches the close of Q4, we remain confident that we are well-positioned to deliver on the objectives that we set at the outset of financial year 2020/21. I’m pleased to say that, in this last year, the MVRP has delivered intervention activities to 7,844 young people who have been identified as either ‘at risk’ of being involved in crime, or already involved - it’s a decent achievement. And it’s just one of many things which makes me feel proud to be part of this team.

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